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beyond the sun road studio loic j tuckey zebedee c budworth

New Video: Beyond the Sun Road | Live

Burning Off a Tank Beyond the Sun Road Beyond the Sun Road is a song by Loic J Tuckey and ...
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New Song: Bad Holiday | Listen Now

Bad Holiday: New Song by Loic J Tuckey You wait and you wait and you wait. But nothing shows. Until ...
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a brief history of the hard drive in popular music

A History of the Hard Drive in Music: Part 2

A History of the Hard Drive in Music In part one of A History of the Hard Drive in Music, ...
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a history of the hard drive in music

A History of the Hard Drive in Music: Part 1

A History Of The Hard Drive In Music In this article, we discuss a history of the hard drive in ...
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loic j tuckey hatch august

Peace Pipe Show: 3/8/2019 Hatch

Loic J Tuckey & Zebedee C Budworth Live at Hatch I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be performing at Hatch in Sheffield ...
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Flying in to Bogota | New Dance Music Video

New Video: Flying In To Bogotá

New Dance Music Video: Flying In to Bogotá Here's the official dance music video for Flying In To Bogotá. Featuring ...
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Loic J Tuckey Is On The Internet

Loic J Tuckey Is On The Internet

Hi, fans of Loic J Tuckey This is my website. You can keep up to date with all of my ...
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Artist Information: Loic J Tuckey

Information About Loic J Tuckey

Loic J Tuckey is a musician and writer from Sheffield, UK.

He’s one of those people who won’t stick to their own script. Playing a combination of swampy blues, roots rock and ambient jazz, Loic switches up the mood more often then most guitarists change their strings.

In fact, versatility and experimentation are key to Loic’s distinctive style of playing. From the gentle hush which engulfs Esmeralda to the wild blues performance in No Greater Love, he takes listeners on incredible trips to places where only he knows the directions.

Loic’s unique collection work recalls the kinds of tales which can only be told when witnessed.  From beach muggings to police chases, road killings and wild mountain adventures, his songs are full of killer lines which keep his listeners hanging on to his every word throughout the long drive to nowhere. His songs are laced with astute observations and wry humour, written by a musician who knows his way around a world map.

“He’ll carry you from the campfire to the bar and back – via every mood swing in between. Loic J Tuckey is the ideal musician to take on your next road trip .”