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Devin Allen – “He’ll take you from the camp fire to the bar and back – via everywhere in between. He’s your perfect road trip musician.”


Loic J Tuckey is one of those guitarists who won’t stick to their own script. Playing a combination of swampy blues, roots rock ambient jazz, Loic switches up the mood more often then most guitarists change their strings.

In fact, versatility is the key to Loic’s style of guitar. From delicate melodies in Esmeralda to the wild blues performance in No Greater Love, he takes listeners on trips to incredible places where only he knows the directions.

Loic’s unique collection of songs recalls the sorts of tales which can only be told when witnessed. From beach muggings to police chases, road killings and wild mountain adventures, his words are full of killer lines to keep you singing from state to state. Songs laced with astute observations and wry humour, delivered by a musician who knows his way around a world map.

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