New Video: Flying In To Bogotá

Flying in to Bogota | New Dance Music Video

New Dance Music Video: Flying In to Bogotá

Here’s the official dance music video for Flying In To Bogotá. Featuring a brand new dance, performed by Loic J Tuckey himself and choreographed by Simon Dice, arguably Sheffield’s finest choreographer. Filmed and edited by in Sheffield by Ed Crisp of Delicious Clam Records, the three come together to create one of the most fun and weird contemporary dance videos since Genesis.

Behind the scenes of the choreographed dance

You may not know it to look at him, but Loic J Tuckey is not a natural dancer. Short, pot-bellied and clumsy, he suffers from a malformed knee and occasional asthma. Suffice to say, he isn’t a regular fit for the dance floor.

But, when legendary Sheffield choreographer Simon Dice heard Loic wanted to make a dance video for his new single, he started work immediately.

“Right off the bat, I told Loic not to think about any other dance music video he’d seen in the past. I told him to listen to me, stay focussed and to bring his inhaler. I wanted to create something original, exciting. But most of all, it had to be a fun dance. I think we got that.”Simon Dice

A crisis of confidence nearly stopped production

Music videos can be a real slog for performer and crew. And none more so than in the making of Flying in to Bogotá. In fact, just moments before shooting was due to begin, and following months of intensive rehearsals, Loic suffered an almighty crisis of confidence.

“He was really down about his performance in the rehearsals leading up to filming. Loic felt his knee a few times and wanted to delay the start date. He even threatening to pull the plug on the whole production. But as you see in the video, he pulled off the new dance moves to a very high level.”Simon Dice

See for yourself. You can watch the video here and find more of Loic’s videos and music on his YouTube account.