Peace Pipe Show: 3/8/2019 Hatch

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Loic J Tuckey & Zebedee C Budworth Live at Hatch


I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be performing at Hatch in Sheffield on August 3.  The Eagle-Eyed Cherries out there will notice the date of the show is actually tomorrow. You can blame my social media team for the late notice.

I’ll be performing with my mate as part of the classic Loic J Tuckey and Zebedee C Budworth line up. Sure, we’ll play a selection of our usual stripped-back blues-style tunes. But, in a bid to spice up your life, we’re bringing along some other musicians to help.

loic j tuckey hatch august

Let The Peace See The Pipe

This experimental team will hopefully see us combine the western-influenced songs we perform in public with the freeform jams we store in private.  We call these the Peace Pipe sessions. We’re as excited as anyone to find out if we can pull it off.

Included in the performance will be an improvised rendition of our Santana Lube Ad jam.

To cut a long story short, we were a condom’s gearth away from featuring on a lubricant advert. Our brief was to sound like Santana. Unfortunately, we missed out. In the end, the sex company went with Santana.

Hatch, Sheffield – August 3

The show costs £5 to get in. But, you can bring your own refreshments. The event page is here and here.

Other performers at the show will be Alex Hunter and Bethan Robinson.

Bethan is a good friend of mine with a really great voice. She plays a lovely guitar and I’m convinced you’ll like her a lot.

Alex Hunter is equally as good. I’ve known him since being a young lad at school and it was Alex who initially taught me how to play the guitar. I hate to imagine what he thinks of my technique these days.

The Story of the Smashed Ibanez

One time, Alex smashed up my Ibanez. He’d gotten into throwing the guitar around his neck like the professional rock gods do and used my Ibanez GIO to practise. He practised on the lawn outside a pal’s before calling everyone down to show us his new move.

Then, it happened.

As planned, the guitar flew around his neck and spun around to his other side.

The strap came unstuck from the base of the body, unhooking itself from the strap button and flew through the air. Then, it slammed right into the heart of Paul’s mum’s stone flower raised bed.

The electronics were smashed. The body was desperately damaged after the heavy blow.

So it goes.

Loic J Tuckey Is On The Internet

Loic J Tuckey Is On The Internet

Hi, fans of Loic J Tuckey

This is my website. You can keep up to date with all of my happenings.

There will be music and writing. There will also be some videos. There’ll even be a GIF somewhere, too. So, check back to keep updated.

Or, cut the crap and sign up to my subscription list where I’ll send you this sort of stuff for free so you won’t need to return here again.

“Why would I do that?” you might be saying. “I’ve never even heard of Loic J Tuckey.”

We’ll. Over the past five years or so, I have written music with my good pal Zebedee C Budworth of Night Flowers fame. Some of it’s really great. Super, in fact. And we’ve recorded a bunch of it now so we may as well lob it here.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think it would take five years to prepare most of them. But the primary reason it’s taken so long to do so can be put down to this:  I’ve been writing short stories for my nan. As soon as I’ve edited them I’ll leave them around here, too.

That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Thanks for dropping by. You’re really great. If you don’t fancy popping back then sign up to my mailing list and I’ll ship them over. If you really don’t want to come back and you’re regretting your visit entirely then just close the browser.

LjT x